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Welcome! And Moin!

A warm welcome to the website of the Local History Museum of Leer. We would like to inform you about our institution, our work and our current events. The other pages on this website are in German, but you will get the most important information, like opening hours and how to contact us, on this page.

About us

The Local History Museum of Leer is one of the oldest historical institutions in the region of East Frisia in North-West Germany and has an important part in the conservation of the historical heritage in this region of Lower Saxony. Our house is one department of the Society for Protection and History of Leer, founded in 1909. The Local History Museum is an institution which conserves traditions and connects people. The history of living and working in the trading and harbour town of Leer is being documented, conveyed, kept alive and saved for the future. Especially the increased relationship to our neighbours, the Netherlands, is being deepend. You are heartily invited to visit our permanent exhibition as well as our several temporary exhibitions, lectures, readings and other events in the historical trading buildings from the 18th century. The houses Neue Strasse 12 and 14 are situated in the heart of the old town next to the Museum Port, the old weighing house and the Town Hall.